Beth Louella

Pencil, ink and paint on paper

Beth Louella has been a prolific creator all her life and studied Art to postgraduate level in the United Kingdom at University of the Arts London (Berkshire School of Art & Design) 1999 to 2000, Birmingham City University (U.C.E.) 2000 to 2003 and Reading University 2005 to 2006.  Beth has worked as an Artist / Illustrator for many years and over that time has created many pieces of interesting and vibrant artwork for a variety of clients: from global publishing houses to individuals on independent commissions. She has a reputation for creating interesting, high quality artwork.

Beth is passionate about communicating visually and is especially interested in expressing the unseen. She is continually inspired by people and outdoor spaces and it is this inspiration she aims to capture in her work. Limited tone, strong lines, interesting compositions and bold colour are key features of her artwork. Her fine art work comprises paint, pencil, ink and sometimes elements of collage usually on canvas or paper and comes in a range of sizes.