Hannah O'Connor Ceramics

Hannah O'Connor designs and makes everything with all the colours and textures of the British landscape in mind. From pebbles on a beach in Brighton, to monolithic and ancient standing stones in Cornwall. The desolate, vastness of Dungeness to enchanted and hidden Holy Wells. From the saturated valleys of Snowdonia, to the dramatic coastline of the Scottish Highlands with its secret turquoise bays. All of these places inform Hannah's work. When you acquire something of Hannah's, know that there is a memory of these Isles at its core.  

Hannah is drawn to water and much of her work reflects this. Natural edges are softened, like a pebble worn smooth by the sea. She encourages the liquid glaze to find its own path, a dynamic and spontaneous moment immortalised forever in the heat of the kiln. Drips, uneven edges and layers of colour are all evidence of the path the glaze finds for itself. 

Everything Hannah makes is hand built by her, in her little studio in south east London. Expect imperfections, soft edges, maker’s marks and traces of the hand, which all add to their uniqueness. Hannah intends to make individual, functional pieces that bring our awareness to the quiet rituals of the everyday, connecting us to a shared history and landscape.