Kate Coker

Kate Coker is a jeweller working from her little studio in South Oxfordshire.

For Kate, making jewellery ticks all her boxes, to be able to create something beautiful and enduring from scratch using her imagination, knowledge and creativity. She uses traditional jewellery making techniques and works in silver and gold

As for inspiration, the thing that excites Kate the most is texture. She loves pieces, no matter how small, to be tactile and interesting and when she is out and about it is the texture of something rather than its form that catches her eye. Silver is perfect to achieve great texture and finishes on and she has spent much time over the years perfecting her skill of certain techniques such as Reticulation which emulates this. Reticulation involves very carefully melting the surface of the silver so that it starts to bubble and flow and then removing the heat to capture this movement permanently. Kate finds this method very satisfying because there is only a certain amount of control over the result and therefore the finished texture is always unique. It creates a very organic finish to the silver which she loves.

Kate has been a Jeweller for nearly 30 years now and her aim has never changed; to produce beautifully well made contemporary jewellery that can be worn everyday yet lasts a lifetime!