Leisa Howes

Jewellery influenced by mythology, nature and the sea.

Leisa took up a jewellery making class at her local college and quickly became fascinated by the processes involved in working with metal, also learning that making jewellery requires an awful lot of practice and patience! As the college course progressed, Leisa had the chance to study part time for a degree, which she did, alongside her day job and family life, gaining a first-class honors degree in 3D metal craft.

Much of Leisa’s inspiration for jewellery making and working with metal is inspired by nature and the sea. She loves mythology, ancient landscapes, standing stones and british wildlife - especially hares which feature in a lot of her work. Leisa loves metal that has a patina, looks aged and weathered, a little rustic in appearance.

Leisa admires many artists but find herself drawn mainly to naive or primitive art. It frees the mind of all the constraints and rules we have instilled in us about how we should draw or paint.