Little Felt Emporium

Needle felted creatures - exclusively for Tiny Gallery!

It's amazing what you can do with some beautifully coloured wool, a few threads and a really, really sharp needle! Needle felting is the process of binding wool fibres with a barbed needle. It's sometimes called 'dry' felting as opposed to using soap and hot water to bind the wool. Dry felting is a bit like 'sculpting with wool' and it allows you to make flat or 3D shapes, add fine details and make complex pieces like our cacti ensembles.

Charlotte Bruce and her sister Susy started needle felting as a hobby several years ago. They have made all manner of animals and keepsakes, mainly at the request of others. An elegant swan? An adorable mole? Why not have one in felt?

Charlotte and Susy get new ideas all the time and are always adding to their 'repertoire'.