Nick Quirke

Nick Quirke wants his work to grip the viewer, but also allow the eye to cultivate parts of the painting that appear to change due to the ever-changing light as the viewers move around the room. This in turn impacts the way the impasto paint catches the light in the room.

Painting began for Nick at a young age. From when he was able to, he was drawing and soon painting. As a rower, spending so much time outdoors on the water, his focus soon turned into an obsession with the effects of light in the sky and reflections on water. Nick is fascinated by strong rich colours and applies his strokes in an impasto application that allow the colours to explode out from the canvas.

Nick has studied Fine Art throughout his life and attended Byam Shaw School Of Art and Design, now part of Central St Martins in London. After leaving London he moved to Bristol where he studied and completed a BETEC Diploma in Fine Art. Nick soon found himself selling various works before persisting with his other passion, rowing.

In 2001, Nick was part of the Leander Rowing Team that went onto win the Thames Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta. During his time rowing he graduated in Sports Science and is currently the proud Head Rowing Coach at The University Of The West Of England, Bristol, and a dedicated Father of two beautiful young girls.

Nick has been working on a new series of paintings called the “Candy Series” which focuses on a buttery like substance and an extraordinary brightness, that may leave the viewer imagining what it would taste like. Some of these beautiful, vibrant paintings can be now found in Tiny Gallery.