Robyn Hardyman

Robyn throws her vessels on the wheel from her garden studio in Oxford. She works with porcelain, for its unique combination of delicacy and strength, and the wonderfully pure surface it provides for a glaze. Her work is both functional and decorative; the pieces are thrown thinly and are often inspired by classic oriental ceramics, but they have a contemporary feel of their own. 

Robyn relishes exploring a palette of serene glaze colours and textures, a variety of surfaces to complement the restrained forms. This is always an ongoing process; the thrill of experiment and discovery is one of the greatest rewards in making.

​She enjoys the way pots look when grouped together, the shapes and shadows between the forms, and the relationship between their colours and textures. Robyn also enjoys how a good pot feels when weighed in the hand, that sense of balance that tells you when it’s right.