Suzy Fasht

Suzy Fasht is a painter based in South Devon. She trained at Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools where she graduated in 1998.

Suzy lives by Dartmoor in Devon, having moved from London with her family.

The subjects for her pictures stem from what Suzy sees around her: Trees, flowers, hedges, gardens, seasons, sheds, puddles, rain...  These are memorised or quickly drawn then interpreted in the studio with colour until they become familiar and the composition is clear.  Then they are used as a source for larger work. 

During the studio process the works become more personal, sometimes a narrative or private meanings emerge.  
A major influence was Suzy's tutor at the Royal Academy Schools: Norman Adams, whose work had such spiritual power.  Also another tutor, Timothy Hyman who guided her to look at particular painters for help such as the early Sienese painters and Pierre Bonnard.