About Tiny Gallery

My name is Emma and I opened Tiny Gallery in Henley-on-Thames at the end of May 2017. I absolutely love art and craft and I really wanted to showcase the tremendous breadth of talented artists and craftspeople that we have in the local area and across the UK. There are so many gifted people creating beautiful things from original paintings and prints, to ceramics, jewellery, handmade candles & soaps and woodwork.

A bit of background on me – I have always loved and been fascinated by a variety of different art forms. I studied History of Art at Warwick University, which included a year of practical curating experience and this really cultivated my appreciation further. After a further period of study followed by experience working in schools, I decided that now was the time to open my very own art and craft gallery. We live in a world of fast consumerism, where a lot of the items we buy are mass-produced in far away countries. I wanted to help raise awareness that actually here in the UK, and even here in the local area, there are brilliant people creating beautiful handmade pieces of art and craft.

Tiny Gallery was born and we have a ‘tiny but tall’ 163 sq. ft. shop on the main high street in Henley-on-Thames filled with a wonderful selection of art and craft (if we do say so ourselves!). At the end of November last year my husband Josh and I joined forces and now run the business together, which we always dreamed of doing. I’d say the most exciting part about my job is meeting new artists and getting to choose all the wonderful work and curate the gallery space, turning it into a little art haven for everyone to experience. I wanted to make the gallery an accessible place for all people and we have a range of work available to suit all price points.

We’d love to welcome you to Tiny Gallery and answer any questions you have about the art and craft, how it’s made, and the artists behind it. My husband will be starting an online blog series in the spring of 2018 called ‘Interview with the Artist’. The artists will be invited to talk about their chosen media and the creative process behind the creation of their work.

A large selection of work is also available on our website at www.tinygallery.co.uk

We hope to see you soon!

Emma and Josh

Tiny Gallery